Izu-kogen Ristorante "La vita é Bella"

Restaurant information

izu-Kogen Reistorante “La vita é bella” is located in the surrounding area of Shizuoka on a hill overlooking the ocean and surrounded by woods, and the building recreates the atmosphere of an European manor house from the middle ages from which you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and taste authentic traditional Italian food

Lunch menu

Pasta dishes Menu ¥2,200 (tax included)

Today’s starter & one of these pasta dishes at your choice

*on week days one dish of pasta costs ¥1,450

  1. Spaghetti with octopus ragout, olives and fennel
  2. Prawn stuffed ravioli with bisque and fried eggplant
  3. Spaghetti with garlic, parsley, anchovies and hot pepper beaten served with pan-fried vegetables
  4. Spaghetti tomato sauce and deep fried crab scented with basil
  5. Creamy tagliatelle with onion and salami flavoured with truffle sauce
  6. Spaghetti with blue fish, eggplant and tomato
  7. Tagliatelle “paglia e fieno” with veal sauce and in season vegetables
  8. Sea food spaghetti
  9. Foie-gras gnocchi with duck sauce and stewed peach (+¥500)
  10. Spaghetti with tuna, fish eggs, ginger and lemon peel (+¥500)
  11. Spaghetti with cuttle fish and sea-urchin (+¥500)
  12. Salad +¥300 / Dessert (+¥525) / Chef’s choice desserts variety (+¥840) / Coffee or tea (+¥200) / Side salad, dessert and coffee set (+¥800) / Cheese selection appetizer (¥1,200)

Lunch course A ¥3,300 (tax included)

Starter, soup, salad, main, dessert


One starter at your choice

  1. Marinated salmon carpaccio with orange vinaigrette
  2. Chicken flan with marinated asparagus and tomato sauce

Today’s soup at your choice

Main course at your choice
  1. Today’s fish
  2. Grilled lobster(+¥1,000)
  3. Pork roll in guazzetto
  4. Casserole cooked cockerel(+¥800)
  5. Red wine stewed Matsuzaka beef(+¥1,000)
  6. Matsuzaka beef grilled with in season vegetables(+¥2,000)
  1. Coffee,tea or espresso (cappuccino +¥100)
  2. Cheese selection appetizer ¥1,200

Lunch course B ¥4,300

Starter, pasta, main dish, dessert & coffee


One starter at your choice

  1. Japanese beef tartare with salted pannacotta and sour peppers cream
  2. Baked scallop with zabaione and pan-fried vegetables
First course : pasta

One pasta dish at your choice

  1. Shrimp sauce spaghetti with deep fried asparagus
  2. Bread “lasagna” with mozzarella cheese, basil and tomato
Main course at your choice
  1. Today’s fish
  2. Grilled lobster(+¥1,000)
  3. Beef and Lardo di Colonnata saltimbocca with Culatello raw ham, Parmigiano Reggiano and aromatic vinegar
  4. Casserole cooked cockerel(+¥800)
  5. Red wine stewed Matsuzaka beef(+¥1,000)
  6. Matsuzaka beef grilled with in season vegetables(+¥2,000)
  1. Coffee tea or espresso (cappuccino +¥100)
  2. Cheese selection appetizer ¥1,200

On Friday - Ladies lunch ¥2,000(tax included)

At Izu-Kogen Ristorante “La vita é bella” every Friday we serve a special course just for ladies.
Our clients can chose between today’s starter or soup, one dish of pasta and a mixed dessert with coffee or tea.

Dinner menu

[ Service charge is 10% ]

Dinner Course A ¥5,800(tax included)

Starter, pasta, fish or meat, dessert

  1. Chef’s selection starter variety
  1. Cuttlefish ink seasoned tagliatelle with clams and mini tomatoes
Main dishes at your choice
  1. Today’s fish
  2. Roast cockerel and vegetables
  1. Coffee,tea or espresso

Dinner Course B ¥8,400(tax included)

Amuse, starter, pasta, fish, meat, dessert


  1. Chef’s selection starters variety
  1. Spaghetti with squid and sea-urchin, tomato sauce
Fish dish
  1. Today’s fish
Meat dish
  1. Beef’s rolls stuffed with foie-gras, seasoned with balsamico
  1. Coffee,tea or espresso
  2. Service charge is 10%

Chef’s selection special dinner ¥11,000(tax included)

Service charge is 10%

Menu à la carte

  1. Raw ham stuffed with mozzarella and asparagus, seasoned with anchovy sauce and truffle ¥1,600
  2. Scottish salmon’s carpaccio perfumed with dill, seasoned with orange, sparkling winés foam ¥1,800
  3. Boiled crayfish served with carrot and caviar’s flan ¥3,900
  4. Mixed fried fish ¥2,100
  5. Foie-gras’ terrine served with home made brioche and misticanza salad ¥2,800
  6. Asparagus’ pudding and escargot seasoned with fennel sauce and finely-sliced summer truffle ¥2,200
  7. Culatello di Zibello raw ham with buffalo mozzarella cheese and salad ¥3,200
  1. Spaghetti with mozzarella cheese, basil and tomato sauce ¥1,500
  2. Aglio, olio e peperoncino with vegetables ¥1,700
  3. Spaghetti with chopped marine snails, zucchini and tomato sauce ¥1,800
  4. Spaghetti with sea-urchin, tomato sauce and chives ¥2,000
  5. Home made orecchiette with stewed Matsuzaka Japanese beef ¥2,400
  6. Linguine with lobster and tomato sauce ¥2,300
  7. Home made tagliolini with awabi (Japanese shell fish) and herbs ¥3,400
  8. Risotto with pork, asparagus and apple ¥2,200
Fish dishes
  1. Today’s fish ¥2,200
  2. Crayfish with asparagus flan, truffle sauce and mixed fried vegetables Grilled lobster ¥4,500 (Half portion ¥2,400)
Meat dishes
  1. Grilled pork ¥2,800
  2. Roast quail with cacciatora style risotto ¥2,200
  3. Rabbit leg stewed in white wine and potatoes, served with broad beans ¥2,600
  4. Beef fillet and foie gras, seasoned with marsala wine sauce ¥3,200
  5. Japanese beef served with in season vegetables ¥3,400
  6. Grilled chicken with herbs(1/2 half-portion) ¥4,800
  7. Japanese beef rib steak(800g~) ¥15,000

Sommelier Masaaki Amano’s wine selection


My name is Masaaki Amano and I am resident sommelier at Izu-Kougen Ristorante "La vita é bella".
I started working in the restaurant when I was 22 years old. I now have many areas of responsibility, but as a wine steward when the restaurant opens, I am here to help my clients through the selection of the right wine! Wine list can be very intimidating. That’s why I am on hand to explain the different wines, what they taste like and offer suggestions on which particular wines my clients may wish to try.
When you are looking for a wine to enjoy with your meal you don't have to try a number of different wines. Simply ask the sommelier to select a wine that will go well with your meal.
Don't be surprised if the sommelier selects a wine you would not normally associate with that particulary dish. This is all part of the fun: figuring out what really goes with what. What really matters is the wine does not overpower the food and similarly, that the food does not overpower the wine. It should be a balance.

Moscato di Terracina (Lazio)

The moscato di Terracina is type of moscato bianco(white muscat) of the southern Lazio area of Italy. It’s really a light, enjoyable and well-balanced wine. In decidedly dry, to taste with enough acidity to keep it light, lively, and deceptively long, while nicely framing peach, grapefruit, and white pepper flavors.

Bidis Valle dell’Acate (Sicilia)

Bidis wine is bright, transparent gold. In colour an intense, clean and sophisticated aroma. You can first sense apple, orange and almond, and followed by vanilla, pineapple and peach aromas.
This wine is fresh and pleasant with a well-balanced and intense taste. In the end the apple, orange and almond aromas remain constant.
Bidis ferment in the barrel for 12 months and then refines in bottle for 4-6 months.

Villa Noce Nero D’avola (Sicilia)

The wine has a good balance, with a deep color,reminiscent of ripe, dark cherry and plum fruit, with sweetness and softness of oak overtones with a velvety texture and distinctive fruit.

Querciolaia Alicante (Toscana)

Alicante is a place in Spain. It is also the name of a grape, thought to have been brought to Tuscany from Spain during the 1600s. Fattoria Mantellassi has been growing it for around thirty years. Their Querciolaia is a made from 100% Alicante grape which spends at least a year in oak barreis, then a few months more in bottle. It weighs in at a 14% alcohol, and though not exactly delicate, it is better balanced than many a Syrah of the same strength. Its tannins are soft, and on the palate it suggests berries and earth, with a hint of nougat.

About Us

Opening times

  1. Lunch > 11:30-14:00 (L.O.14:00)
  2. Café > 10:00-18:00 (L.O.18:00)
  3. Dinner > 17:30-20:30 (L.O.20:30)


  1. 414-0044 Shizuoka-ken Itoushi Kawana 1439-1


  1. 0557-44-4555


  1. info@lavita-ebella.com


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